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Your wish is our command. Thanks to feedback from our beta testers, we’ve added an onboarding checklist feature to our platform. Available for a variety of Candu templates, checklists keep your users organized and on task. Onboard customers, promote feature adoption, and educate your users as they check items off. And you can do it all without a single line of code.

Check out the ways you can put checklists to work.

The Client Onboarding Checklist

What's the Client Onboarding Checklist good for?
  • Scaled customer success
  • Growth and product management
  • User onboarding and account setup
How to use the Client Onboarding Checklist:

Start with our Customer Onboarding Template, and guide users through activation and account setup, step-by-step. Because you can embed Candu directly into any page, accounts can keep returning to the checklist as they work through their onboarding. 

Focused on a low-touch onboarding? Create one checklist for all of your self-serve users to guide them toward key success actions, or create a couple of checklist flavors for different user segments. 

Want to make your implementation more hands on? You can easily customize your checklist steps to suit each account, persona, or industry so you can adapt your onboarding process based on need.  

Best of all, you can set this customer onboarding checklist to appear automatically for new users so they’ll know the steps needed to get started before you ever tell them.

The Implementation Guide Checklist

What's the Implementation Guide Checklist good for?
  • Customer success and implementation
  • Enterprise account onboarding
  • Admin onboarding
How to use the Implementation Guide Checklist:

This checklist is all about simplifying complex software for admins to help them move through onboarding with ease. 

Create an interactive onboarding plan in minutes, not months, with the Implementation Guide Template. Then, let accounts check off tasks as they go. It’s a fool-proof way to ease onboarding as users move through each of the checklist’s steps, which you can personalize just for them.

Users get through onboarding in no time, and your success team gets to remain hands off so they can use their skills (and their time!) for other projects.

The Modern Wizard UI Checklist

What's the Modern Wizard UI Checklist good for?
  • Technical product installation 
  • Engineering and development
How to use the Modern Wizard UI Checklist:

Add checklists to the Modern Wizard UI Template to keep users moving through software installation.  Choose from website wizard examples to build a step-by-step installation guide, and customize the interactive tasks to get installation right for each account. Set up your checklist as a phase before going live, or make it available only to your technical stakeholders.

Thanks to it being fully customizable, this checklist enables you to move complex documents and code samples into your product in a way that’s both beautiful and brand consistent.  

The Success Plan Checklist

What's the Success Plan good for?
  • Enterprise customer success
  • Multi-stakeholder onboarding
  • Process and decision-heavy onboarding
How to use the Success Plan: 

Create a project plan to simplify a complex onboarding involving multiple groups and stakeholders. 

The Success Plan Checklist helps your champion understand the process to bring the right people from your organization to the table.

The Sales Plan Checklist

What's the Sales Plan Checklist good for?
  • Enterprise sales
  • Solutions engineering
How to use the Sales Plan Checklist:

Collaborate with customers on a strategic mutual action plan to drive sales forward. With checklists for the Sales Plan Template, you can customize each step for each unique deal. 

This checklist helps you discover which use cases are delivering the most value to your clients so that you can put them front and center for anyone who logs in to your product. Plus, you can track milestones to understand when and why a deal starts to slip, enabling you to pivot to keep prospects on track.

How will you use checklists? Share your ideas with us at [email protected].


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