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Product and design teams use Candu to create native UI experiences like onboarding checklists, empty states and upgrade banners — all without code.

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Too often, growth initiatives get deprioritized. It's our mission to change that.

When developer resources are scarce, it’s hard to prioritize growth.
You shouldn’t need developer time to update your onboarding survey or rework an empty state.
Create, launch, and optimize in-product content with Candu.
how it works

Meet the most flexible no-code editor on the market

Create inline and overlay components that look like they were coded, but aren't.

Inline AND overlay UX

With Candu, you have the flexibility to build both in-line content that embeds into the page and pop-ups that sit on top of your pages.

Native-looking content

Bid farewell to rigid pre-built components. With Candu, you aren’t limited to certain UX styles and can replicate the designs you have in mind.

A/B Testing & Analytics

Get views, conversion rates, etc., on Candu content. You can also run A/B tests and let our statistical engine do the math for you.

Use Cases

From onboarding checklists to empty states, you can do it.

Onboarding Surveys

Capture user data with multi-step surveys and flows.

Onboarding Checklists

Build personalized, event-driven checklists for every use case and product.


Embed in-line banners and promote new features, offers, and events.


Alert your users with modals, slide-outs, and paywalls.

Empty States

Optimize each empty state to drive feature adoption and upgrades.

Feature Overview

How Candu Works

Drag & Drop Editor

Start with basic typography, layout, and button elements and then enhance content by adding in images, GIFs or videos. Customize each component and craft responsive and interactive designs for dynamic user experiences.

Powerful Styleguide

Match everything from your colors and custom fonts to your buttons and card styles - make sure that border radius and hover effect is just right! These styles are then used in all Candu content to ensure everything you create is aligned with your brand.


Integrate your customer and product data with Candu so you can target different content at different user groups. Connect with or send us traits and events via Javascript, API or Webhooks.

Data insights & A/B testing

Access views and interactions for all content built with Candu. Send us product events and set up goals to measure conversion events.

Launch A/B tests to learn whether your content or your control performs best.

Go live with the Chrome Extension

Use the Candu Chrome Extension to choose where to embed content in your product. Press ‘Go Live’ when you’re ready to launch.

Is Candu really no-code?

Candu is designed for people who don't code, but your engineers will need to add our code snippet to the header of your product.

Install the Candu Code snippet

To get started, you’ll need to add a few lines of code to your product. This is a copy & paste job that only needs to be done once.

Send candu product & User data

You can easily integrate with Otherwise, you'll need help from your engineers to send us data via Javascript, API or Webhooks.

Product growth team? Candu is built for you.

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"It allows us to communicate with users in a very user-friendly way, without needing to use invasive traditional modals, while being able to reach different goals: onboarding, product adoption, education, inspiration and conversion."
Rafael de la Puebla
Head of CX at Genially
"Candu is helping non-technical individuals to improve user journeys and learn through experimentation faster than ever."
Andrew Smondulak
Senior Product Manager
“It surprised me how easy such a powerful thing was. I’m inserting pieces of content into the product without engineers. Well, I want to change that wording? I can do that now. It enables us to move super quickly.”
Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead