Candu for Design Teams

No pop-ups needed. Communicate in-product with our oh-so-pretty templates, or start building from scratch.

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It’s a phenomenal lift, and I think it’s in large part because of how Candu lets us promote our content. The whole dashboard reads like a colorful magazine now.

Daniel Quick
VP of Learning Strategies
Four simple steps

How Design Teams use Candu

Grab a template, or start designing from scratch.

create dashboardHow it Works

Sync up Candu with your style guide for brand continuity.

Style dashboardHow it Works

Display the right UX to the right audience.

Personalized dashboardHow it Works

See your creation before it goes live.

Preview dashboardHow it Works

What Candu can do

Drag & drop

Candu’s WYSIWIG editor provides the canvas to design stunning UX in minutes. Just drag and drop your own UI components to create in-product experiences that customers will love without a single line of code. (Pop-ups, be gone!)

drag and drop

Stay on brand

Candu syncs with your style guide so users will never know the difference between what’s Candu and what’s hard-coded. It’s your colors, your fonts, your brand — just easier.

Stay on brand, candu dashboard.

Flexible layouts

Go above and beyond the possibilities of a CMS with responsive layouts and flexible components that include buttons, cards, checklists, and more.

Flexible layouts dashboard

Go your own way

Pick a template, or build from scratch. We’ve got you covered!

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