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Create New Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is vital for any product, but how many do it right? Ensure the smooth adoption of your product with an optimized new customer onboarding process that you can build on your own. Build interactive tasks with Candu, and embed them where users can’t miss them — right on your product's homepage.

Customize the Onboarding Process

Candu’s customer onboarding template lets you construct dynamic steps based on user actions, and adjust your customer onboarding processes as your product evolves. Start with one of our basic template designs, or build one from the ground up. Make any template your own with Candu’s Style-guide, which automatically updates the onboarding template with your brand’s look and feel. Using Candu’s wide range of drag-and-drop page elements, you can quickly iterate and optimize your customers’ onboarding experience.

Boost Onboarding Success

Analytics come built in, so you can track users’ progress through your customer onboarding process all the way through to completion. With these insights, make any necessary tweaks to optimize and maximize user onboarding success. Got a new feature for users to learn? Simply update the customer onboarding template on the fly and let all your users know right away what’s new.

use case

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Product teams need to move fast. They deserve an onboarding solution that can keep up.

Omer Rabin
Former Chief Evangelist

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