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Create Strategic Sales Plans

Candu allows you to build a step-by-step sales plan of action to collaborate with customers and drive business forward. Your team’s account executives can easily customize one of our sales plan templates to include all the essential details for a successful client onboarding. Even if your sales strategy combines a variety of stakeholders across multiple locations, Candu’s sales plans unite them in one cohesive, branded look.

Customize Sales Plan Templates for Customers

Every deal is unique; personalize your sales plan to match. Start off with Candu’s short sales plan template, and use its drag and drop content elements to make it your own. Or, start from scratch and build a customized sales plan template that closely fits your requirements. All it takes is a few minutes to choose from Candu’s extensive list of content elements.

Improve Your Sales Business Plan

With Candu’s built-in analytics, our sales plan template allows you to learn where deals are getting stuck to improve your win rate and sales forecast. Candu lets you build user Segments and produce reports that give you the big picture of your users’ activities. Candu also integrates with leading third-party analysis software providers to deliver even more usage data.

use case

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