Candu raised $5M to expand our no-code builder for customer onboarding

Our investors’ vote of confidence will help Candu empower customer teams.

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Jonathan Anderson
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I’ll admit it: I can’t code my way out of a paper bag. As a Client Services Lead at my old company, I was the one who knew best what our customers needed, but I couldn’t deliver without knowing how to code. Any change I wanted to make to the product meant getting engineering involved, and then livin’ on a prayer. 

We launched Candu earlier this year to let customer-facing teams affect real change where it matters most — in your product onboarding! The teams closest to customers have the power to deliver the product experience their customers need without waiting on scarce developer resources.

Giving Customers What They Want

As it turns out, there are more use cases for Candu than we initially imagined. With the product in the hands of customers like LaunchDarkly, we quickly saw how much further we could take Candu. Think customer dashboards, product announcements, and onboarding checklists

Our customers know what they want, and we plan to deliver! It’s the reason we’re partnering with two of the best VC funds in the world, Two Sigma Ventures and CRV, who are leading our seed round alongside existing investors like Angular Ventures, Haystack, and Entrepreneur First. Their $5 million investment is a vote of confidence in our team and our native web builder for SaaS.

Pushing the No-Code Movement Forward

With this round, we’ll be able to fund product development while better serve our customers. We’ll also be enhancing Candu’s UI creation tools with more dynamic content (hello, CRM integrations!) as we continue to forge ahead with the no code movement. 

We’ll now be able to focus on new use cases to help our users meet their customers’ needs as quickly as they pop up — because a stellar customer experience will always give companies an edge in the ultra-competitive world of SaaS.

We know that for SaaS companies, your customers’ experience with your product is critical. And, we are up to the challenge to deliver these experiences. This round of investment will help us reinforce our commitment to the security and reliability that our customers require and deserve.

Just as our users are constantly iterating to meet demand, so are we. Give Candu a try for free, and let us know what you like and where we can improve. It’s your feedback that will shape Candu into the very best experience for acquiring, onboarding, and growing your customers.


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