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Create Success Plans to Keep Customers on Track

Bring implementation plans to life with code-free templates that help you onboard more accounts with less effort. Reduce churn and customer-facing resources by optimizing your success plan template and building the best onboarding plan possible. Start off with one of our good-to-go templates, or construct your own success plan from scratch. Embed as many, or as few, page elements as you want to ensure that customers see a clear path to success.

Customize Each Customer Success Plan

Every customer is a little different. With Candu’s built-in segmentation technology, you can set up customer groups and then channel particular content only to the groups that should see it. Make sure that premium customers get exactly the onboarding resources that they need with only a few clicks of your mouse.

Improve Your Customer Success Plans

Help accounts at every phase of the customer lifecycle by tracking progress and flagging slow starters. Candu’s drag and drop interface helps you adapt your implementation strategy in real time. Use Candu’s analytics to understand where users are getting stuck, then change your success plan layout and messaging. It literally takes only minutes to improve a Candu customer success plan with our no-code native web builder.

use case

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Product teams need to move fast. They deserve an onboarding solution that can keep up.

Omer Rabin
Former Chief Evangelist

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