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Create a Modern Wizard UI

Use Candu’s Modern Wizard UI for websites, and choose from a variety of wizard templates to build a step-by-step installation guide in minutes. Whether you’re creating a short Modern Wizard UI or a lengthy process, Candu will help you to deliver the best UX through its intuitive, drag and drop interface.

Customize Wizard UI Examples

Start off with one of Candu’s Modern Wizard UI templates, or customize one from scratch to suit the needs of your customers. Generate custom codes to get the install right for each account, and tailor your Wizard UI design for each customer segment. It’s easy to maintain your branding inside the Wizard, as Candu’s Styleguide automatically transfers your brand’s look and feel to every design. No need to involve your dev team - with the in-built segmentation function, simply map user groups to the different Wizard UI designs you create. Additionally, you can easily connect each step of your Wizard UI to other help resources to maximize your customer success.

Onboarding Follow-Through? You Bet

Candu’s built-in analytics let you see where user onboarding stalls in your Wizard’s UI, allowing you to know which content to change to keep customers going. From fundamental rebuilds to minor edits, Candu enables non-technical users to build and update their Modern Wizard UI so no customer is left behind.

use case

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Product teams need to move fast. They deserve an onboarding solution that can keep up.

Omer Rabin
Former Chief Evangelist

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