Candu For Developers

Empower your non-coders so you can focus on your goals.

Four simple steps

How Developers use Candu

Select the tasks you can offboard to Candu.

How it Works

Assign no-code tasks to Candu and...

How it Works

Reach your objectives with fewer distractions.

How it Works

Kick back and enjoy the hours you’ve saved.

How it Works


What Candu Can Do

Free up time

Candu saves developer resources by allowing non-coders to move independently so you have more time to do what you do best.

Play well with others

Say goodbye to pop-ups. Seamless integrations allow Candu to fit right into your product stack so anyone can deliver a professional-looking UI.

Make it foolproof

Hand over the reigns to non-coders without any of the risk. Code-free components mean no one can mess with your hard work.

Go your own way.

Pick a template, or build from scratch. We’ve got you covered!

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