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Turn your onboarding flow into a customer engine. Create no-code experiments that reduce drop-off.

See how a Product Manager built a no-code, in-app, self-serve onboarding experience that empowers and converts trial users.

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Product-led growth is a priority for People Data Labs, and Candu is one of the most useful resources in our toolkit. It provides the flexibility we need to personalize our user onboarding experience by delivering relevant content based on each customer’s segment. The ability to quickly iterate has been invaluable for quick learning and experimentation


Turn users into advocates

Create in-app content that encourages invites, referrals, and reviews.

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Activation rates

People Data Labs increased conversion rates by delivering actionable, use case–driven quick-start tutorials and more directly inside its platform.

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Claudia Pravettoni
Caglar Ekim
Guillaume Aubert
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+ 77%

Antill reduced onboarding time by more than 77% by adding a self-service customer dashboard with Candu.


People Data Labs doubled conversion rates via a persona-based dashboard built with Candu. 

+ 101%

Thought Industries increased in daily active users to its Knowledge Center by promoting TI Academy on a Candu-built dashboard.

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