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Create captivating in-product experiences, inline or overlay, that maximize growth and streamline the customer journey.
We charge based on your Monthly Active Viewers*.
*Monthly Active Viewers are users who have viewed live Candu content in your product.
Start small or launch to all — we work with you to find the best way to get started.  
Unlimited seats — empower your whole team to create product-led experiences with Candu.
We are flexible and offer monthly or annual plans.
We also offer a discounted plan for start-ups under 50 employees & with less than $5m funding. Express interest here!

Estimate cost based on number of monthly active users*

*Monthly Active Users are unique users who log into your product during any given month.


per month
Paid Annually
Growth includes:
Create unlimited experiences
Unlimited user licenses
Let us create your first experience for you *
* Have a design in Figma ready to go? We’ll recreate it in Candu for you so it’s ready to launch in your product.
Native fonts and styling
Analytics and reporting
Send data to and from Candu
Dedicated Slack Channel
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per month
Paid Annually
Everything in Growth plus:
10 service hours per quarter
A/B Testing & Experimentation
Collections & CMS
Custom integrations
Custom contract & SLA
Premium Customer Success support
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Hyper Scale

Ideal for companies who have a Freemium business model or are B2C.

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Everything in Enterprise plus:
Custom MAU pricing that works for your large user base. This plan is highly flexible and designed to accommodate your large-scale needs.
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Run as many growth experiments as possible, without code

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Unlimited user licenses

User permissions


Onboarding Checklists

Modals & Pop-ups


Forms & Surveys

Empty states

Onboarding flows


Drag & Drop Editor

Advanced Styleguide


Collections & CMS


Analytics & Experimentation

A/B Testing


Advanced Content Analytics

Event tracking

Custom goals


Heap (data out only)

Custom Integrations







Customer Support & Services

Dedicated Slack Channel

10 service hours per quarter


Premium Customer Success support


Stop wasting developer resources

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