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Create Implementation Guides for Customers

Candu’s implementation guide template lets you make an interactive settings page in minutes, so you can fast-track your onboarding content to prime time. It’s simple to drag and drop page components from Candu’s editor to create an implementation guide that gets users up and running in no time.

Personalize Your Quick Start Guide

High-touch? Self-serve? Personalize the project implementation plan template to offer the right onboarding experience for every account type. Leverage Candu’s segmentation feature to define user groups based on attributes, and deliver customized content to each of them. For the implementation guide, you can segment your users by technical expertise and channel the appropriate content to each of them.

Improve Customer Interactions

Powerful analytics are built into Candu so you can see what content users are interacting with within your implementation guide. And as your product evolves, you’ll be able to update your implementation guides all on your own, no matter how fast your features are getting released. Let your developers focus on the product while you take care of creating implementation guides for customers.

use case

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Product teams need to move fast. They deserve an onboarding solution that can keep up.

Omer Rabin
Former Chief Evangelist

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