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Announcement | Privacy Policy Update

Keep your users updated with key T&Cs or Privacy Policy changes by notifying them in-app. Set the alerts to dismiss once a user has seen or clicked on the update.

Product Feedback Banner

Ensure your approach to product development is customer centric by capturing user feedback through surveys or live sessions.

Upgrade Banner

Drive conversions to paying plans, upgrades to higher tier products and adoption of premium features.

Feature Announcement

Increase feature adoption by drawing users’ attention to what’s new.

System Maintenance

Keep users in the loop about maintenance plans.

Newsletter Announcement

Improve your newsletter signups, and keep users engaged, with in-app newsletter announcements.

Webinar Announcement

Register users in-app with webinar announcements.

Announcement Bar

Alert your users without covering up your UI.

New Feature Announcement

Help users adopt new features with stunning new feature announcement UX.

Product Launch

Debut the new, the what, and the why of your product launches.

Product Update Release

Help users feel right at home with new UI.


Video Tour

Onboarding tour with video content

Cards | Enablement Prompts

Display in-app prompts to help your users activate and adopt your product

Cards | Getting Started Header

Make your key enablement content as accessible as possible by providing new and existing users with contextual guidance in the header of key pages within your products.

Cards | Resources Grid

Ensure that your best content is truly accessible for your users by creating a resource grid and highlight key categories.


Bring key resources front and center with Candu’s Shorcuts Template.

Getting Started Module

Welcome users to your product and highlight key steps they need to take to get to first value as quickly as possible.

Team Contact Cards

Make it easy for your users to connect with and contact the most relevant people in your business. Surface key contact details to make communication quick and easy.

Book a Demo Card

Create a demo booking card to onboard and sell faster.

Coupon Codes

Create coupon codes that incentivize users to upgrade their accounts.

Integration Tiles

Create an integration tiles template to let your users know which apps your software connects to.

Related Posts Photo Grid

Create a related posts photo grid to direct users to your best content.

Case Study Card

Create a case study card to direct prospects and users to your best examples.

Task List

Get users off on the right foot with a list of easy-to-follow tasks.

Featured Posts

Educate users on best practices for every stage of the journey.

E-Learning Portal

Keep users learning in your product with an in-app e-learning portal.

Blog UI Design

Show off your thought leadership.

Resource Cards

Create in-app shortcuts for helpful resources.

Contact Cards

Make your product personal with contact cards.

Product Release Notes

Share product releases and help your users discover and adopt new features.

Website Carousel

Introduce new products with a visually stunning image carousel UI design.

Customer Self Service Portal

Create a customer self-service portal and help your users self-serve.


Success Plan

Make renewal a snap with an in-app success plan.

Sales Plan

Close more deals with an in-app sales plan.

Modern Wizard UI

Modern Wizard UI provides helpful instructions for setup and install.

Customer Onboarding

Onboard more customers with a dynamic checklist.

Implementation Guide

Help customers onboard themselves with an interactive implementation guide.

User Onboarding Checklist

Activate more users with an interactive software onboarding checklist.


Project management dashboard

Scaled Customer Success Dashboard

Scale your onboarding and adoption efforts by creating a digital CSM within your product.

Community Home Page

Build a community home page to welcome new users, help them connect with other users, and enable them to get the benefit of the content they generate together.

News Feed

Create a follow-up list for users with a mix of next steps, upcoming events, best practices, and articles.

Integrations Marketplace

Create a marketplace to showcase the various apps that your software can integrate with.

Welcome Page

Create a welcome page to greet new users and direct them to your best resources.

Sales Dashboard

Share Goals and Case Studies In-App with Calendly Integration.

Growth Dashboard

Get to product adoption faster.

Marketing Dashboard

Guide users to the right resources, and make self-service happen.

Product Dashboard

Increase new user success by directing them to relevant content from your home dashboard.

Education Dashboard

Share your best educational content to get users to value faster.

Customer Dashboard

Drive customer success by directing users to the support and onboarding resources they need.

Customer Portal

Embed customizable client portals and virtual data rooms.

Data & Analytics

Key Metrics

Design a visual representation of metrics and KPIs to quickly view results and optimize faster.


Slides with Google Slides

Make it easy for users to see your Slides content right inside your app or website.

Splash Page

Create buzz, and show users the value of each new feature.

Case Study

Amp up your case study layout design to show off your benefits to prospects.

Knowledge Base Article

Help users learn what they need to know with contextual in-app help articles.

Customer Meeting Notes

Keep clients on track by embedding meeting notes in your app.


Demo Request Form using Typeform

Get more users to request demos by embedding a Typeform directly into your website or app

Event Registration Form using Typeform

Help users register for your events by embedding a Typeform directly inside your app or website.

Book a Demo Form using Chili Piper

Place a calendar directly inside your app to allow users to select a time to meet with your team.

Book a Demo Form using Calendly

Allow users to book a call with your team right inside of your app or website.

Download eBook Form by HubSpot

Capture new leads using an eBook download form.

HubSpot Newsletter Signup Form

Grow your newsletter list by adding a sign-up form to your app or website.

Mailchimp Newsletter Signup Form

Create a newsletter signup form to build your subscriber list.

Feedback Request Card

Create a survey or feedback request card to find out what your users think about your product.

Page Sections

Resource Sidebar

Make users aware of valuable resources and contact information.

What’s New

Keep users up to date with your latest and greatest content and resources.

Recommend Next Steps

Drive users to take action and complete key milestones throughout their in-app journey.

Embed Google Maps

Help users find a location by embedding a Google Map.

Navigation Menu

Create a navigation menu to get your new users up and running.

Video Explainer

Increase feature adoption by drawing users’ attention to what’s new.


Provide social proof in a snap.

Upgrade Plan

Highlight your premium plan’s benefits, and help your product sell itself.

Welcome Message

Create an inviting welcome message for new users and accounts.

Pricing Plan

Experiment with your pricing and drive conversions with a pricing plan template.

Account Settings Page

Help users configure their accounts all on their own with a customizable settings page UX.


Customer Onboarding Survey

Customer onboarding surveys help you discover how users interact with your product.

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