Claudia drove $62K ARR with embedded banners in two quarters

Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead

The Challenge:

Gorgias—an all-in-one customer service platform—faced the challenge of promoting a new chargeable add-on within their self-service module to thousands of existing customers.

Claudia, the Success Growth Lead, aimed to increase uptake and revenue growth of the add-on without disrupting the user experience. She needed to display the message and value proposition in a strategic yet subtle way. 

The Solution:

She implemented Candu's dismissible banners and embedded these prompts strategically throughout the platform, resulting in $62K ARR from add-on cross-sells over just two quarters in 2022.

Users could either dismiss the alert or select “learn more” to book a demo with the Gorgias sales team. A prompt was also added to the “Recommended Next Steps” section of the main homepage—prime real estate for engaging with the users who were most likely to benefit from this add-on. 

Claudia also used Candu's Segmentation feature to exclude customers who had already purchased the add-on.

This successful in-app campaign showcases the effectiveness and profitability of leveraging the product's UI as a lead-generation channel for a large customer base.


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