Guillaume launched an in-app Referral page to drive new user acquisition

Guillaume Aubert
Growth Marketing Manager

The Challenge:

The Growth Marketing team at Gorgias - an all-in-one customer service platform- wanted to promote their referral program to drive new user acquisition, without creating an invasive or distracting experience for their thousands of users.

The Solution:

The Gorgias team had already scaled their self-serve activation and adoption initiatives via a Candu-created in-app personalized homepage, so their Growth Marketing team launched a Candu created ‘Refer & Earn’ campaign within the Gorgias platform. Asubtle prompt was added to the homepage and this linked out to a separate landing page within the product, which listed all key information about how the referral program works, FAQs to common questions and two call to actions to encourage customers to submit referrals. 

By using Variables, just like with normal email marketing, the Growth Marketing team were able to include a personalized welcome to the Referral page and a personal referral link, unique to each customer, so it’s possible to track the source of each referral as they come through. This approach means that customers can easily find and access all information about the Referral Program at any time, and complement any one off email or pop-up campaigns utilized to drive uptake.


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