Caglar drove self-activation at Make via an in-app resources hub

Caglar Ekim
Growth Specialist

The Challenge:

Make (formerly Integromat) experienced rapid growth in its user base and needed a scalable solution to drive user activation and convert free users into paying customers. The Growth team relied on in-app messaging and email campaign tools to drive activation, so the challenge was effectively communicating with users at the right time without disrupting the user experience.

The Solution:

The Growth team used Candu to create an embedded in-app Resource Hub. This centralized hub directs users who complete the in-app onboarding survey to key steps and resources, encouraging them to get started with Make. Users who interacted with the Resource Hub showed increased activity within the platform.

The Resource Hub features a "Learn the Basics" checklist, workflow template tutorials, a "Keep Learning More" checklist, an FAQ toggle list, and prompt cards for additional support. By analyzing Candu's performance, the Growth team iterated on the hub experience and introduced different UI components such as personalized content based on industry, to improve activation rates.

This scalable, self-serve approach is integral; it effectively supports Make’s freemium business model and the hundreds of thousands of new users that sign up year-over-year.


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