How Caglar increased Make's activation rates by 3-5% with interactive empty states

Caglar Ekim
Growth Specialist

The Challenge:

Make, a leading no-code automation & workflow builder, faced a challenge with their new user onboarding experience. Caglar, Growth Specialist, identified that new sign-ups lacked in-line guidance when landing on the page to create their first 'scenario.' This meant that users may have been uncertain about where to start, hindering their activation journey.

The Solution:

Caglar, recognized the power of empty states as a means to engage and guide users. Through a series of experiments, he strategically leveraged the main empty state encountered by users. By showcasing popular app and template combinations, Caglar provided contextual inspiration and guidance, transforming the empty state into a catalyst for user activation. This resulted in an impressive 3-5% increase in activation rates among users who interacted with the new homepage empty state.

Through strategic implementation of this interactive in-line empty state, Caglar's experiments and optimizations have not only increased activation rates but also ensured that new users feel empowered and motivated to explore the many possibilities that Make's platform offers.


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