How Expensya achieved a 20% conversion rate with embedded prompts

Khaireddine Amamou

The Challenge:

Expensya, a leading expense management software company, faced the challenge of effectively promoting a newly launched paid feature - the 'Expensya Card'- to their existing customer base in multiple different languages. They wanted to drive revenue expansion by encouraging customers to adopt and utilize this new add-on, but needed an effective strategy to showcase its value and convert interested users into paying customers.

The Solution:

Khaireddine, Growth Product Manager at Expensya, strategically placed Candu created embedded prompts on their product homepage and another high traffic page to grab users' attention. These prompts dynamically showed the right language to the right user and highlighted the benefits and functionality of the paid feature, enticing users to explore it further. He created eye-catching CTAs that encouraged users to either try the new card live or book a personalized demo with the sales team.

Expensya's use of Candu proved highly successful in achieving their revenue goals as they found that 20% of the total converted sales funnel for this campaign came from leads generated through Candu content.

This proves that well-placed, localized and engaging embedded prompts within a product interface, can effectively capture users' attention and provide a clear path for users to convert to new features or offerings.


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