How Claudia increased Gorgias' activation of app integrations by 17%

Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead

Gorgias - an all-in-one customer service platform- streamlines customer service for over 8,000 ecommerce brands by enabling faster responses, task automation, and higher conversion rates.

The Challenge:

Gorgias wanted to improve activation rates for a key step in their onboarding process - setting up integrations. This was for scaled customers without a dedicated CSM. This was crucial as early integration usage leads to value realization and higher likelihood of continued Gorgias usage.

Prior to Candu, Gorgias relied on AppCues and emails as their primary tools. While AppCues served well for important notifications, they used them sparingly to maintain a seamless experience. However, as different teams resorted to pop-ups for communication, the overall user experience became less cohesive over time. Similarly, emails had limitations in capturing user attention at the right moments.

The Solution:

With Candu, Gorgias launched a highly personalized homepage for scaled users, driving self-serve activation & adoption of integrations.

Leveraging Candu's integration with Segment, Gorgias were able to display the most relevant integration & getting started prompts to users. For example, customers utilizing only Facebook and Twitter for support channels would see prompts specific to those platforms, excluding irrelevant ones like Instagram.

“Customers feel more taken care of when messaging really speaks to them and you are likely to have higher conversion from content that resonates. If we were to have a product team building out our embedded content, personalization would be the hardest part to do yourself,” Claudia, Success Growth Lead said. 

Claudia and her team proved that using a combo of embedded UI and hyper personalization for their in-app product experience, is integral to driving self-serve activation and adoption of a growing user base.


increase in integration activations
of accounts increased health scores
increase in visits to the Analytics page
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