How Gorgias increased app integrations for new accounts by 17%


increase in app integrations


ARR booked in Q2 2022


of accounts increased health scores


17% more app integrations for new accounts.

$62K annual recurring revenue (ARR) booked in Q2 2022.

47% of accounts increased health scores.


Gorgias is an all-in-one customer service platform that improves its UI/UX with a no-code builder that enables frictionless, personalized resources and support.

The ease at which you can segment different content to different people in the same place is such a powerful part of Candu. Having to do that in house would honestly be a bit of a nightmare.

Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead

The Customer:

Gorgias is a customer service platform built for ecommerce brands that centralizes all customer interactions, allowing them to respond faster, automate repetitive tasks, and increase conversion rates. Their goal: help brands generate consistent revenue from support.

As ecommerce growth exploded during the pandemic, acquisition costs have also skyrocketed. Retaining customers and building a loyal fanbase has become more important than ever for merchants. Gorgias supports more than 8,000 brands and 25,000 people each week—helping thousands of end consumers stay happy.

The Challenge:

Gorgias serves ecommerce brands, that can range from small, in-home businesses to established brands with outsourced support reps. Their plans scale to support brands of every size, but the experience remains the same across the board. Gorgias helps merchants grow their brand with exceptional customer experience.

The team was particularly interested in driving integration adoption for their scaled customers. These were customers who did not have a dedicated customer success manager (CSM).

Integrating apps and channels, along with productivity features like Rules and Macros are a critical part of the Gorgias experience; the sooner customers start using them, the sooner they see value and are more likely to continue using Gorgias. Active integrations and continued use of the platform contribute to overall customer health scores and adoption goals.

Before Candu, the Gorgias go-to-market (GTM) and customer teams had only two tools at their disposal—AppCues and emails. While AppCues was great for important notifications, the team used them strategically and sparingly to ensure a frictionless experience. As different teams across the business turned to pop-ups to quickly communicate relevant updates, the overall user experience (UX) suffered—becoming less cohesive over time.

Similarly, the teams knew emails could only capture so much attention and weren’t always reaching their users at the right time.

The Solution:

Gorgias CEO Romain Lapeyre, who’s a self-described fan of “hacky growth experiments,” and Elise Kubicki, Head of Success & Support—decided to create a new homepage using Candu. Success Growth Lead Claudia Pravettoni helped inform their in-product, Candu-enabled customer journey. 

With Candu, they’ve launched a new homepage for their at-scale users—iterating on it multiple times in the last six months. They’ve also created new feature prompts, a new referrals page, and homepage segments for basic and pro accounts. 

By passing data into Candu via Segment, they’ve been able to target different user groups with relevant content. Personalization variables on the log-in dashboard show users not only their names but their most important metrics. 

“Customers feel more taken care of when messaging really speaks to them and you are likely to have higher conversion from content that resonates. If we were to have a product team building out our embedded content, personalization would be the hardest part to do yourself,” Claudia said. 

Claudia noted Gorgias can now leverage a customer’s tech stack data to display stack-specific integration cards. It helps customers find what they need faster—without searching—while reducing decision fatigue. 

By conducting user interviews, the team determined that users were looking for more self-help material but couldn’t find it, so they added it to the homepage. They now provide webinar content, showcase Office Hour calls for live support, and display resources in more obvious and accessible ways within the product. 

Overall, the homepage opened a new channel and customer touchpoint for Gorgias—helping them create a digital CSM. 

Users get continuous value from personalized recommendations and advice while Gorgias scales support services without increasing CS headcount. Claudia and her team have proved that taking the time and effort to build a holistic, personalized, in-app user experience is integral to supporting a growing customer base.

“It’s surprising how powerful it is…how seamless we can make the experience having Candu content interact with our app and the level of personalization we can provide our users,” said Claudia. “It surprised me how easy such a powerful thing was. I’m inserting pieces of content into the product without engineers. Well, I want to change that wording? I can do that now. It enables us to move super quickly.”

Candu helped create areas of collaboration that didn’t exist before. Because the homepage is both non-invasive and segmented for different users, Gorgias can add more content to serve different teams. The business development team leverages the resources section to put customers into contact with partners and agencies. The marketing team shares in-product blog posts and customer stories (the first time they’ve been able to share them with existing customers). The product team shares updates and showcases new features. 

Before, with pop-ups only the most important content could make it into the UI; now, the team can provide more information to their users to improve discoverability. Because they’re tracking analytics, they’re also able to learn more quickly what users are really interested in. 

The Results:

  1. Accounts are activating with 17% more app integrations, improving first value (TTFV).
  2. Candu helped drive $62K annual recurring revenue (ARR) booked in Q2 2022.
  3. Candu helped increase the health scores of 47% of accounts.
  4. Candu helped drive a 21% increase in visits to the in-app Performance Overview page, where users can view key statistics about their customer service performance and measure trends over time. By highlighting how key metrics can be used to improve overall business performance, Gorgias made a key part of their product more engaging & discoverable. 
  5. Candu helped drive 10% of all bookings for live Office Hours calls. 
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