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Create a customer hub

Add a centralized hub for resources, guides, and best practices. No-code means you never need to wait.

See how a Success Growth Lead built a no-code, in-app homepage to activate customers and drive continued adoption on the Gorgias platform.

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Align content with customer journeys

Create dynamic, in-product content that aligns your customer experience with your lifecycle stages.

The ease at which you can segment different content to different people in the same place is such a powerful part of Candu. Having to do that in house would honestly be a bit of a nightmare.

claudia, Success Growth Lead at Gorgias

Share value metrics

Add key metrics directly into the product experience to reveal value at every stage.

increase in visits

Gorgias increased visits to its in-app Performance Overview page by adding value-driven performance statistics. Customers keep coming back to measure trends over time.

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Caglar Ekim
Khaireddine Amamou
Claudia Pravettoni
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What our customers have achieved

+ 77%

Antill reduced onboarding time by more than 77% by adding a self-service customer dashboard with Candu.


People Data Labs doubled conversion rates via a persona-based dashboard built with Candu. 

+ 101%

Thought Industries increased in daily active users to its Knowledge Center by promoting TI Academy on a Candu-built dashboard.

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