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All the key terms you need to know to understand Candu.
User Interface (UI)

User Interface (UI)


What is an example of user interface?

A simple way to think of user interface is to picture the menus and submenus of popular word processors. Both Google Docs and Microsoft Windows, for example, offer similar UIs that make it possible for users to move around easily within the products without having to learn an entirely new UI for each. 

What are the three types of user interfaces?

The most common UIs are:

  1. Command-line interface, which involves the user entering keystrokes to enable the computer to take action
  2. Menu interface, where a user selects from a series of menus and submenus via touch, keyboard, light pen, or mouse
  3. Graphical user interface (GUI), where a user selects an icon (usually with the click of a mouse) to perform a desired action

Why is UI important?

A good user interface smooths out interaction between a user and the product to increase useability and enjoyment, keeping users engaged and, ultimately, reducing churn.

What is the goal of UI?

The goal of UI design is to anticipate users’ actions to create interfaces that meet their needs. User interfaces should be simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use to encourage continued use of a product.