How Anthill reduced onboarding time by +77% with a self-service customer dashboard


reduction in onboarding time for new customers


cost savings compared with manual strategy


time savings compared with manual strategy


Built by people scientists, Antill’s technology is designed to unite every employee within an organization—connecting deskless teams with talent management programs and strategies.


  1. Scalable strategy that reflects Anthill’s own products and mission via a one-to-many communication approach. 
  2. Faster onboarding—from quicker content updates to a reduction in hours spent per account and customer onboarding time. 
  3. Reduced cost to manage accounts based on average touch points and cross-functional team support.

Our Candu homepage has made onboarding so much easier and quicker for our users and given me so much time back for other Customer Success activities!

Sarah Wilson
Customer Success Manager

The Customer:

Anthill helps companies do more to connect with their workforce without the extra work. Muriel and Young Jae founded Anthill in February 2020 to build solutions that improve job satisfaction and connectedness for deskless employees. The single, easy-to-use platform delivers two-way onboarding, announcements, safety alerts, and more—at scale—via text messages.

Anthill’s products—CONNECT, INSIGHTS, and HELP—allow employers to deploy a one-to-many communication strategy while leveraging employee analytics and self-service resources. With Antill, businesses can cultivate a more inclusive and engaged workplace no matter where their employees work. 

The Challenge:

Anthill, a startup experiencing explosive growth, found it challenging to onboard enterprise customers; each has a large user base. Anthill has hundreds of users per account, with limited CS resources. They needed a scalable solution. 

After providing a high-touch experience to existing customers, the Anthill Customer Success team wanted to optimize their knowledge and learnings and reduce the time spent on manual and repetitive activation activities. Anthill’s onboarding process was manual and high-touch. Anthill's existing homepage wasn’t providing customers with valuable information or resources. The team needed a quick-start self-service model that mirrored the solutions they offered within their platform. 

The Solution:

Anthill prepared for a phase of rapid growth by launching a Candu-created, in-app homepage. Customer Success Manager Sarah sought to repurpose underutilized platform real estate by implementing a product-led solution to facilitate a one-to-many approach to onboarding communication. The experience helps onboard new customers and better support existing users. It’s a resource-packed warm welcome that’s reduced onboarding time by more than 77%. 

Customers can access everything they need to get going with Anthill—from a checklist of core actions and shortcuts to critical enablement materials (e.g., knowledge base) to primary contacts for support and feedback.

By connecting their Hubspot CRM with Candu, Anthill leverages customer data to personalize their homepage experience based on a user’s journey phase. Now, the product homepage automatically updates to show activated users different and more relevant information—such as valuable reports and metrics based on their product usage.

Sarah is now empowered to quickly iterate and refresh the homepage user interface (UI) based on continued learnings, process changes, and content updates. The Product team is also happy to have a solution that continually improves their user experience (UX) without impacting engineering resources or development sprints.

By implementing the Candu-built dashboard, Antill has saved on the cost (up to 72%) and hours (up to 77%) associated with manual customer onboarding. 

The Results:

+77% reduction in onboarding time for new customers. 

72% cost savings based on previous, manual enablement strategies.

77% time savings based on previous, manual enablement strategies.

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