Anthill reduced onboarding time by 77% with a self-service dashboard

Sarah Wilson
Customer Success Manager

The Challenge:

Built by people scientists, Antill’s technology is designed to unite every employee within an organization—connecting deskless teams with talent management programs and strategies. Facing the challenge of onboarding enterprise customers with limited resources, Anthill sought a solution to optimize their customer success teams knowledge & learnings and reduce manual activation activities.

The Solution:

They launched a Candu-created in-app homepage, utilizing underutilized platform real estate to facilitate a one-to-many onboarding approach. The resource-packed dashboard reduced onboarding time by over 77% by providing users with a checklist of core actions, shortcuts, enablement materials, and support contacts. Integration with Hubspot allowed for personalized experiences based on the user's journey phase.

The Customer Success team is now empowered to quickly iterate and refresh the homepage user interface (UI) based on continued learnings, process changes, and content updates. The Product team is also happy to have a solution that continually improves their user experience (UX) without impacting engineering resources or development sprints.

The solution empowered Anthill to iterate and improve their user interface without impacting engineering resources. The result was a streamlined and efficient onboarding process that supported their rapid growth.


reduction in onboarding time for new customers
on costs and reduced hours spent on manual onboarding
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