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We’ve updated Candu’s plans and pricing to make it better for everyone. Here’s what you need to know.

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Jonathan Anderson
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We’ve updated Candu’s plans and pricing to make it better for everyone. Here’s what you need to know.


  • We’ve added a free “Personal” tier, and we’ve refreshed our other tiers to become “Start” and “Scale”
  • See the entire feature breakdown and prices here.
  • For existing Candu customers there is no change to your existing plan or pricing! If you’d like more info on the difference between specificially the Scale and Growth plans click here.

What’s new, what’s the same?

Here’s the skinny: We’ve added one new plan, and we’ve changed the Starter and Growth plans to Start and Scale. The features are the same, but the pricing structure is slightly different. See our new pricing page for all the details.

The sign-up experience is new, too. Now, when you register for Candu, you’ll automatically start with a 14-day free trial of our Scale plan. This gives you the chance to explore Candu’s premium features, including user segmentation and analytics to personalize your content and see how it performs.

When your trial expires, you’ll be bumped to Candu Personal, our new free plan. This ensures that all of the content you’ve built during your trial will remain accessible.

Current Plan Name
New Tier Name

Candu Personal = freemium!

We’re excited to launch Candu Personal, our new freemium offering. As no-code builders ourselves, we wanted to make the power of Candu accessible to everyone for free. As part of the Candu Personal plan, you can make as many Candu no-code content blocks as you like. This allows you the flexibility to:

  • Add an onboarding checklist to your app
  • Build an upgrade CTA for your premium features
  • Add a Typeform survey to your blog or dashboard
  • Add a Mailchimp newsletter sign-up to your pages
  • Validate just about any UX idea

Candu Start and Scale

Candu Start is the gateway to growing your Candu content. The Start plan unlocks the ability for up to 10,000 people to view your content each month. Additionally Start includes Analytics, so you can know who has seen your content and whether they engaged with it.

Candu Scale unlocks the power of personalization. With Scale, you and your team can create user segments and build targeted UX variations so your product communication is always aligned with your users' backgrounds and journeys.

More info

For more information  on the individual plans, check out the pricing, feature breakdown, and FAQs. As always, get in touch with us with any questions at [email protected], or create a post in the Community, and one of our team members will get right back to you!


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