Supercharge In-Product Customer Activation & Retention, without developer resources

Create captivating in-product experiences, inline or overlay, that maximize growth and streamline the customer journey.
We charge based on your Monthly Active Viewers*.
*Monthly Active Viewers are users who have viewed live Candu content in your product.
Start small or launch to all — we work with you to find the best way to get started.  
Unlimited seats — empower your whole team to create product-led experiences with Candu.
We are flexible and offer monthly or annual plans.
We also offer a discounted plan for start-ups under 50 employees & with less than $5m funding. Express interest here!

Run as many growth experiments as possible, without code


Increase in Integration Activations


Increase in  Activation Rates


Increase in Booked Revenue

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How customers are using our digital adoption platform

What our customers are saying

Andrew S.
Senior Product Manager
"Candu's capabilities inspire low-effort experiments, uncovering impactful opportunities for product growth. Candu promotes collaboration and shared understanding, fostering a joint effort to address user needs and goals. The ability to create in-line experiences, as opposed to just popups is very unique!"
Rafael G.
Head of CX
"It allows us to communicate with users in a very user-friendly way, without needing to use invasive traditional modals, while being able to reach different goals: onboarding, product adoption, education, inspiration and conversion."
Ashutosh C.
Head of Product Growth
"We use Candu extensively to onboard and educate our users. We've built personalized in-app home screens, checklists, empty states, announcement banners, and help strips using Candu — all without writing a single line of code or dev effort."
Alejandro H.
Head of UX Design
"Candu is solving the problem of busy development teams by allowing other team members to update the UI without taking up developer resources. This is especially useful for empty states, monthly rotating dashboards, and onboarding flows."
Eric M.
Data Analyst
"Candu enables us to pounce on our in-product growth experiments with a ferocity. We move fast to measure how we nudge our users toward desired outcomes. There's hardly a feature we haven't used Candu to boost, bring attention to, or add essential details."