Salsify increased user research interview bookings by 200%, using in-app prompts

Corey McCue
Sr. Product Designer

The Challenge:

Salsify, a provider of solutions for brands, retailers, and distributors, aimed to improve user engagement in product research sessions. The design team wanted to involve customers more effectively in the product design process and gather valuable feedback. However, getting users to commit their time to these sessions was a challenge, as email communications had limited response rates.

The Solution:

To address this challenge, Corey, Salsify's Senior Product Designer, launched an embedded in-app banner using Candu. The targeted prompt appeared in the Salsify platform's relevant Workflow section and invited users to view and provide feedback on new designs. It linked out to Calendly, making it convenient for customers to book user interviews at their preferred time.

The non-intrusive nature of the in-app banner kept the inquiry visible until users dismissed it, ensuring it stayed top of mind for returning users. Within just three days, the number of research sessions booked increased by 200% and garnered nearly 1,000 unique user views.

Bringing the request for user engagement into the product itself proved to be an effective communication and engagement strategy for Salsify's design team. Candu's flexibility allowed Corey to iterate on the banner's messaging and content once the experiment was live.


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