Thilo built Levity’s getting started homepage, that drives time-to-first-value in under 10 mins

Thilo Huellmann
Co-Founder & CTO

The Challenge:

Levity enables businesses to intuitively create their own AI to supercharge their team’s productivity by automating any processes related to images, documents, and text. To help scale their onboarding experience and reduce reliance on chat and phone support, Levity wanted to create Getting Started content directly within the platform. But the team didn’t want the initial project or future iterations & updates to impact front-end development resources.

The Solution:

Co-Founder & CTO Thilo launched a Candu-created, self-serve Getting Started homepage to support new users, based on their desired use case. Users can decide which use case to start with and either take a Userflow walkthrough guide, or view a video tour. Now, Levity users can achieve time-to-first-value (TTFV) in less than 10 minutes. 

Levity’s dual onboarding paths empower users to choose content based on their use case and learning preferences. This approach combines inline, embedded UI, launchable Userflow guides, and Wistia video content—beautifully interlinking different communication mediums in one place to best serve their customer base. 

Now, Levity customers need less hand-holding during the onboarding process and they’re up and running faster. By reducing TTFV, users have a greater sense of how Levity can positively impact their business. Thilo can also easily iterate and update this content with Candu’s editor as Levity’s product evolves or new use cases arise—all without engaging the development team.


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