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Grow your app faster with product-led experiences. Message the features that matter directly inside your product.

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Increase product engagement from the inside out—without coding

Features on a first-name basis

Show {first_name} features they’ll love or add a personal touch to your next launch with tailored in-app messaging.

  • Content variables
  • Dynamic segmentation

No code = no-wait updates

Pivot to product-led. Showcase and edit feature-forward dashboards and more anytime—across teams.

  • Multi-level permissions
  • Ready-to-use templates

Grow with their flow

Surface the right features at the right time. Segment content based on behavior data to message what matters most.

  • Goal tracking
  • Dashboards and reporting

Teams love Candu

The ability to create actual UI in our product with Candu is fantastic! Our team is now able to turn our Figma ideas into reality in minutes and test ways to engage our users by providing them with the information and guidance they need to publish product content to retailers. The ability to do this in minutes, rather than days or weeks, means faster and more frequent improvements to our customers' Salsify experience.

Brittany Smith
Sr. Designer

Candu has given our Growth team at Integromat a new way to communicate with our users and empowered us to continually improve their in-app experience with experimentation and personalized content, without having to take up engineering time!

Caglar Ekim
Growth Specialist

Candu allows me to easily create UI templates in line with our brand and design styles and empower colleagues to update our admin dashboard with new content every month. Our in-app dashboard 'editions' are now a core part of our product.

Alejandro Haydar
Lead UX/UI Designer
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