Brittany turned her Figma files into reality

Brittany Smith
Sr. Designer

The Challenge:

Salsify, a product experience management platform, aimed to improve the adoption of core features within their Insights product, a part of Salsify ProductXM. Previously, the design team relied on Appcues for overlay flows or in-house development for embedded content, which consumed engineering resources and limited the scope of their in-app experience.

The Solution:

To overcome these challenges, the design team turned to Candu to quickly transform their Figma designs into embedded content experiences themselves, launching seven dismissible banners within the Insights module. These banners educated users about the value of different Insights reports and provided access to relevant enablement materials, enhancing first-time user experience with this product.

Brittany and her team, focused on creating an in-app experience that felt native to the Salsify platform so users could explore and opt-in to learning experiences at their convenience. The non-intrusive nature of the banner allows the content to stay visible until users dismiss it, providing an effective way to educate over time.

With Candu, the design team gained the ability to experiment and iterate quickly, optimizing content to drive engagement. By leveraging Candu's integration with Segment, Salsify tracked interactions and engagement with Candu components, gaining insights into the impact on product adoption targets.


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