Product Engineer

Remote or London

August 17, 2020

Candu: Leave no customer behind

Candu enables SaaS onboarding on autopilot.

As products mature and expand, users can easily become overwhelmed. With Candu’s Editor, teams can build personalized onboarding experiences with embeddable UI components.

Candu syncs with your style guides and product analytic suite -- so you can test and learn what drives first-time user activation.

Under the hood, Candu’s algorithms are learning what nudges turns users into lifelong customers.

The Opportunity

We just raised a large seed round from top tier Bay Area investors and we are looking for our first product engineer. You'll be working between our engineering, product, design and commercial teams to define, deliver, iterate and improve our product.

We are currently working with several top tier SaaS businesses to define our initial product to make customer onboarding 10x more effective.

Your first 6 months

Here's what you'll do in your first 6 months:

  • Gain empathy for our customers and their users.
  • Drive critical product decisions with empathy and intuition, as well as with structured user research insights.
  • Build demo functionalities to QA and support sales teams.
  • Work closely with sales, commercial teams to improve our customer experience. From sales to onboarding, you'll improve customer experience throughout it's lifecycle.
  • Continually improve our customers' experience through experimentation, analysis, user research, and collaboration with our design and engineering team.
  • Participate in the hiring process for key roles in Candu.
  • Act as a leader at Candu and help set the strategic direction for our company. Be a key part in shaping our company culture

What we are looking for

  • 2+ years of frontend development experience.
  • Extremely good communicator with previous commercial experience.
  • Knowledge of modern frontend development.
  • Empathy for our customers and the problems they face
  • A self-starter who is willing to experiment and learn fast
  • Passion for our mission

Why you shouldn't take this job

  • Learnings will need to come from doing, rather than from institutional knowledge or more experienced employees
  • We are still figuring things out as we go, and we often don't have the answer to every question. Individuals who need lots of guidance and direction will not be able to have a high impact in this role.
  • There is a lot of risk in an early-stage company!
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