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A suite of tools to enhance your SaaS platform. Rapidly improve user engagement, reduce churn, and enable your whole team. Build strategic, in-product experiences with no-code UI components.


What we Candu for your team

$1,000 per component

saved in developer hours on small UI component builds.

Empower your whole team

Propel adoption and conversion. Customer Success, Growth, and Design teams use Candu’s no-code builder to onboard, communicate, and run growth experiments. You prioritize product-led experiences; engineers prioritize the product roadmap.

What’s included
Drag-and-drop editor
Ready-to-use templates
Built-in styleguide
$1,000 per component

saved in developer hours on small UI component builds.

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“We have been able to turn our creative ideas into reality very quickly by using Candu. It's a really user-friendly tool and makes updating and switching out content in our Community Portal a breeze!”

Jennifer Williams

Community Engagement Strategist

Drive product adoption

Give features the attention they deserve with less oversight. Reduce churn and improve user engagement: Build learning & training resources and more directly into your product for an integrated customer experience.

What’s included
CDP/CRM Integrations
Analytics to drive optimization
Dynamic segmentation
101% increase in

daily active users based on results from Thought Industries’ dynamic embeds.

Improve user experience

Propel adoption and conversion with no-code UI/UX for Customer Success, Growth, and Design teams. Use Candu’s builder to onboard, communicate, and run growth experiments to boost engagement.

What’s included
Chrome Extension to preview/embed
Multi-modal components types
Dynamic embeds
101% increase in

daily active users based on results from Thought Industries’ dynamic embeds.

speed to value

How you can get started fast

For your Product Team

Your Product Team is going to have some questions.
We’ve created this section to help answers some of them.


Candu offers a single CDN SDK. Install it directly via script tags or a third-party like Google Tag Manager.

See docs for more information

Uptime & Reliability

Candu acts as part of your UI. It’s end-to-end engineered for the highest availability, reliability, and speed.

See docs for more information


Candu is SOC II certified and  committed to managing your customer data with the highest security standards.

See docs for more information


Frequently asked questions

Where and how does Candu store data?

Every aspect of the Candu application is encrypted. Our servers enforce HTTPS protocol by using TSL 1.2. Internally, our servers communicate exclusively using HTTPS.

Our data is stored entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Any server-side secret is stored and accessed via AWS Key Management Service. We rotate sensitive keys and expire critical keys.

All backups are encrypted and stored using AES-256 in secure cloud locations within the EU.

Does Candu collect any personally identifying information?

No. Candu does not require any personally identifiable information (PII) to be passed to the service, nor do we actively collect any PII from our customers.

Candu also gives you fine control of all the analytics that you send to our servers. You can use your eventing libraries to customize exactly which information we receive, so you can be confident we are only tracking information that you want to share.

What are your business continuity plans in case of a service issue?

All components (e.g., Content, Segments) in the SDK are wrapped with error boundaries to prevent JavaScript-related errors from propagating outside the Candu SDK and impacting our clients. If the error boundaries receive any errors, those are logged in the Candu tracking system.

If Candu encounters a JavaScript error in customer code, or if an error happens anywhere in the Candu SDK, those errors are logged in the Candu tracking system for immediate review. If for any reason there is an undetected error, Candu automatically drops rendering and will not display any content in order to protect page performance.

What SLAs does Candu support?

At Candu, we take our SLA and partner operations extremely seriously. We strive to maintain a 99.9% SLA in all of our APIs and frontend assets.

SLA monitoring is done through third-party integration monitoring. We currently ping 10+ APIs for uptime, as well as other critical aspects of our infrastructure that we use to provide these services.

All the tests are performed from seven different locations around the world (Canada Central, Ohio, Oregon, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London) to ensure we maintain availability within and throughout different regions.
All critical integration tests are performed each minute.

If any alerts were to fail, our team would be notified immediately, as outlined in our escalation policy.

Does Candu content affect page performance?

Improving page performance is critical to any product, and we measure ourselves by the same standard as internal libraries used by any development team. The Candu SDK is designed to minimize the performance impact of installing it on any page, and we are continually working to increase its performance.

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