Improve your product
until it sells itself

Drag, drop, and iterate. Build better user experiences into your existing app—no coding needed.

Product-led tools

Transforming Product Managers into Product Creators


Design it yourself

Build beautiful UI before the next sprint. Drag and drop components to create powerful UX without code.


See your content in context

See the future in real-time. Preview your content in your existing app with the Candu Chrome extension.

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Blend in with brand styles

Your designers won’t see the difference. Candu’s Styleguide settings persist across all your content.


Send the right message

Personalize your product experience. Build variants to serve the right content to the right users every time.


Copy/paste the possibilities

Content appears like magic (and a few clicks). Copy the code block and install Candu in three steps or less.


Understand your impact

Evaluate what works so you can change what doesn’t. Tweak UX to perfection with Candu’s analytics engine.


Connect it yourself

Personalize user experiences with data connectors, create end-to-end user journeys via interlinked walk-through tours, or embed existing content into your app with iFrames.

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Ready, set, build

Jumpstart your UI designs with ready-made, customizable templates and get inspired by UX best practices.


Enterprise-ready security

We’ve built data protection and privacy into everything we do. Candu is fully compliant with GDPR & SOC 2® and meets stringent international security standards. We keep your information secure with comprehensive audits of our policies, networks, and systems.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Candu different from other user onboarding software?

Other user onboarding tools (i.e., product tours and walkthrough guides) build on top of your existing product. With Candu, you can build and embed interactive, personalized user experiences into your product’s existing UI. Your Candu content is part of a product page rather than an overlay on top of elements within your app.

Both Candu and walkthrough tools can help with:
Pushing content and messaging to targeted user segments
Promoting new features and assisting with product adoption
Onboarding new users

What kinds of experiences can I build with Candu?

Candu allows Product Managers and Growth Teams to create product led user experiences, such as sign up flows, onboarding dashboards, and announcements, without code.

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Why is Candu one of the best tools for product-led growth (PLG)? 

Candu’s no code builder empowers teams to rapidly iterate on in-product content without the help of engineers. Because Candu blends seamlessly (inline) with your existing app, the user experience IS the product experience, and it’s designed to strategically engage users. With Candu, Product Managers become Product Creators who can enable growth through in-app experiments that drive user activation, conversion, and upsells.

Can Candu mimic our design system (the look and feel of our product)?

We created the Candu Styleguide to enable you to replicate your Design system and create a native, seamless looking UI that you would never be able to tell was not hard coded by your engineering team! It’s down to the pixel perfect.

How can I convince engineers & designers that Candu won’t disrupt the UI?

Let us show them! Book a free design session and we’ll:
Audit your current user journey
Discover gaps in your product experience
Find a growth experiment worth running
Design new UX ( free content!) just for you

At the end of your CanDesign sprint, you’ll have free UX content that your engineers and UX designer will love.

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What our customers say

Candu gives your product superpowers

It surprised me how easy such a powerful thing was. I’m inserting pieces of content into the product without engineers. Well, I want to change that wording? I can do that now. It enables us to move super quickly.

Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead

Candu helps us to draw attention to the content that matters most in our online customer CommUnity.

Anissa Alvarez
Associate Customer Marketing Manager

Candu has given our Growth team a new way to communicate with our users and empowered us to continually improve their in-app experience with experimentation and personalized content, without having to take up engineering time!

Caglar Ekim
Growth Specialist