Thought Industries achieved a +101% increase in daily active users to its Academy

Alejandro Haydar
Lead UX/UI Designer

The Challenge:

Thought Industries, a leading online learning platform, sought to enhance user engagement with it's customer education resources like it's academy.

They had a rich content experience on their academy and website—but it wasn’t dynamic. The static in-product admin dashboard meant users saw the same content every time they logged in. The team needed an easy way to capitalize on this prominent space and combine their content and product experiences. 

The Solution:

Thought Industries partnered with Candu to implement a customizable admin homepage which surfaced helpful and relevant information —including product updates, marketing news, and training materials, in a place where customers could benefit from it the most.

To motivate users throughout their learning journey, the team experimented by introducing monthly themes and editions to the dashboard, with one of the first Candu-enabled promotions being the Academy. The team saw a 101% increase in active daily users, and 80% of new users within the last year have engaged with it (compared with 5% before launching with Candu).

Surfacing dynamic content has been highly effective overall, and the admin dashboard has become an essential part of the TI experience. TI customers love to see a mix of new content rather than returning to the same experience each time.

“Candu allows me to easily create UI templates in line with our brand and design styles and empower colleagues to update our admin dashboard with new content every month. Our in-app dashboard 'editions' are now a core part of our product,” Alejandro said. 

Thought Industries continues to leverage Candu's platform to deliver a new editions of their homepage every month to drive user engagement and adoption of new features and supporting educational content.


increase in DAU to the Academy
new user engagement rate for Academy
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