Candu Manifesto: A new approach to digital adoption

Let’s democratize who gets to build great products – with no code.

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Jonathan Anderson
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TL;DR: What can I do with Candu?

Candu is your ultimate digital adoption platform (DAP) perfect for product marketers, product managers, and non-technical teams involved in shaping a product’s user experience. With Candu, you can:

  • Launch sign-up surveys, build getting started pages & empty states, personalize onboarding checklists, add contextual help, drop in-product tours and announcements, and more.
  • A/B test as much as you want because updates can all be done with a simple drag-and-drop editor.
  • Customize user experiences that look so seamless – no one will be able to tell what Candu content is from your actual code.

And yes, you can start your digital adoption journey with a product tour. But don’t stop there. ;)

Why did we build Candu?

Let’s be real. Pop-ups and product tours are powerful, but they can also be annoying. 

And if you can only communicate via pop-ups, that’s a lot of pings. 

A lot of interruption. 

A lot of ‘look over here!’ at the wrong moments.

I can’t code. And I find pop-ups very annoying. So, in 2019, we launched Candu with a single mission: empower people who can’t code to edit product pages (like empty states!) directly so they can improve user experience. The idea of giving non-technical teams the power to edit product pages was radical (and maybe, it still is) – we made a lot of engineers sweat. The ability for users to run experiments whenever they wanted kept us going. We started with interactive checklists.

Do you need developers to code every button? We thought not. And it paid off, for us and even more excitingly, for our early adopters. When they took on Candu, they quickly outpaced their competition. Updating product pages no longer required engineers’ time. They launched new user experiences to cater to different user segments. Experiments took mere minutes to set up. It was transformational. 

Turns out, you do need product tours.

However, our intention to ‘pop the pop-up’ (yes we did use this in our marketing messaging…) was misguided. Many of our customers used Candu alongside another DAP because we didn’t have product tours. Oh, the irony! Here we were, thinking that we had built the ultimate digital adoption product by allowing you to build in-line experiences, only to find that our customers were moonlighting with pop-ups and product tours. 

We had to admit that sometimes tours are the best UX for helping users navigate your product on their first login or a new feature on launch day. They can create a clear path to value realization. When new users take on a new product, they need guidance on how to get started.

Should we build product tours into Candu?

Last year, the answer became crystal clear: we need to give you one single tool for all your digital adoption needs. So, after swallowing our pride and acknowledging the importance of actually listening to our customers, we embraced product tours (and hotspots). And yes, we at Candu eventually launched our own product tours to make onboarding smoother!

Candu announces hotspots and tours

No two users are the same. To ensure every type of user can effectively use your product, you need to provide tailored UX. New users benefit from overlay prompts like checklists, tours, and inline guidance from empty states and getting started pages. More experienced users, ready for advanced value realization, can be targeted with inline banners, upsell nudges, and overlay announcements. When launching new features and products, a mix of inline and overlay content should be considered to maximize your launch impact. Candu allows you to manage every UX for every type of user on one platform.

We give you all the right tools to build great UX, all in one place.

Today, Candu gives you the all the right tools to drive digital adoption. You can have all the best product-led growth patterns templatized, branded, and ready to launch. Run sign-up surveys, build getting started pages & empty states, personalize onboarding checklists, add contextual help, drop in product tours and announcements, and more, all with Candu. 

Our mission is to help non-technical teams—product teams, growth teams, designers, marketers, and CSMs—build stunning user experiences that drive outstanding user outcomes. Let’s free up engineers from coding CTA buttons so they can focus on building the differentiated features your product needs to grow. Let’s democratize who gets to build great products. Let that be us. Want to give Candu a try?


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