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Create User Onboarding Checklists

Build a checklist that helps users quickly learn what’s important in your app with Candu’s no-code onboarding checklist. Start with our existing user onboarding checklist template, or build your own. Ensure customer success with checklists that you can rapidly update with every new release occurs. It’s easy and fast to adapt the steps based on your product requirements.

Customize Your Onboarding Checklist Template

Personalize the steps to suit each account, persona, and industry. Simply set up customer Segments according to your users’ attributes, map the content to each Segment, and Candu does the rest to ensure personalized content delivery. Built-in analytics allow you to see which parts of your onboarding checklist content engage users, and which do not.


See where users are dropping off in order to tweak those steps to perfection. With Candu’s drag and drop web builder, you can add, delete, move, and alter page elements according to your analysis until you find the right onboarding setup. If you’re looking for something more in-depth, link your screens to to visualize your data in tools like Amplitude or Mixpanel. And, with Candu’s no-code editor, people across your organization, from designer to product growth, can see what you’ve built and take part in making changes.

use case

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Product teams need to move fast. They deserve an onboarding solution that can keep up.

Omer Rabin
Former Chief Evangelist

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