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Create Product Update Announcements

Put your new feature announcements front and center by displaying them in-app. Candu’s new feature announcement templates let you show off the best functions of your latest release at the ideal moment – when the customer is already engaged. Build feature announcements with any number of Candu UI elements, and add the new feature announcement to any page in your product.

Customize Your Content

Start with the feature announcement template and arrange it the way you want, or build one from scratch. Test your feature announcements with different user segments to see what resonates for each audience. With the Candu Styleguide, you can automatically update the branding of your unique feature announcements to match the look and feel of your product.

Improve UX for New Feature Announcements

Using Candu analytics, see which feature announcements drive engagement within your app. Based on the data, use the Candu editor to adjust your messaging, UI, and user segments to optimize your announcements for each of your users.

use case

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