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Onboard more users, faster

Direct users to the steps that will teach them about your app and lead them to success. Guide users to adopt your product, quickly and easily, with an optimized navigation menu that you can build on your own. Embed help elements such as support and tutorials for users that want more information. Have a bunch of new screens to include? Simply update the navigation menu that you created with only a few clicks.

Personalize your Navigation Menu

Different users have different requirements based on their role and industry. Build personalized navigation menus to create the most relevant onboarding steps for new users. With Candu’s collection of page elements, you can design whatever content layout you would like, and change it around with ease. It’s super simple to get started with a basic navigation menu template, or create one from the ground up through Candu’s drag and drop functionality.

Test Navigation Menu Items

Candu’s native analytics enable you to see where users are getting stuck as they navigate your app. Track which menu items users respond to, then modify accordingly and optimize their experience. Improve the navigation menu all the way to completion with only a few clicks and repeat the process for any new feature.

use case

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