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Welcome {first_name} aboard

Unlock first value on a first-name basis. Personalize their path to success by serving relevant content in all the right places.

  • Content variables
  • Dynamic segmentation

Speed up scalability

No code means no-wait updates. Create, edit, and publish customer-side content to your app—no developers needed.

  • Multi-level permissions
  • Ready-to-use templates

Assess for success

Boost engagement and reduce churn. Transform touchpoints based on behavior data and tailor content as you troubleshoot.

  • Goal tracking
  • Dashboards and reporting

Teams love Candu

With Candu, we were able to ship a project that would normally take several weeks in a week! Now we're able continually publish new content to our customers and quickly release updates to our customer onboarding dashboard without distracting our engineering team.

Elaine Tsa
Founding Product Manager

Product-led growth is a priority for People Data Labs, and Candu is one of the most useful resources in our toolkit. It provides the flexibility we need to personalize our user onboarding experience by delivering relevant content based on each customer’s segment. The ability to quickly iterate has been invaluable for quick learning and experimentation.

Katrina Vassell
Product Manager

The ease at which you can segment different content to different people in the same place is such a powerful part of Candu. Customers feel more taken care of when messaging really speaks to them and you are likely to have higher conversion from content that resonates.

Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead
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