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Template Library

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Video Explainer
Video Explainer
Increase feature adoption by drawing users’ attention to what’s new.
Coming soon
Provide social proof in a snap.
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Feature Announcment
Feature Announcment
Increase feature adoption by drawing users’ attention to what’s new.
Coming soon
System Maintenance
System Maintenance
Keep users in the loop about maintenance plans.
Coming soon
Newsletter Announcement
Newsletter Announcement
Grow your email list with targeted sign up CTAs.
Coming soon
Webinar Announcement
Webinar Announcement
Register users in-app with webinar announcements.
Coming soon
Splash Page
Splash Page
Create buzz, and show users the value of each new feature.
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Success Plan
Success Plan
Make renewal a snap with an in-app success plan.
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Case Study
Case Study
Amp up your case study layout design to show off your benefits to prospects
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Feature comparison

Included Monthly Active Users
Unique users to who have interacted with Candu content in the past month.
Cost per 1,000 additional users
Cost per 1,000 MAUs above the  included amount each month.
Maximum MAUs
Maximum number of active users allowed on this plan.
Best Practice Template Library
Drag and drop to customize designer-made, product-tested templates.
Core Content Blocks
Embeddable and reusable components for building product experiences.
Container Blocks
Container Blocks that you can build with Candu’s UI editor.
Variables allow devs to inject secret fields and custom components.
Custom Blocks
Custom blocks execute a custom code snippet, enabling overrides.
Branding & Styling
Custom Style Guide Components
Customize the look and feel of any Candu component.
Complete White Labeling
Fully customize user experiences using custom colors, fonts and CSS.
User targeting & Segmentation
User Segments
Group users by events or traits and show them content dynamically.
Content Personalization
Personalize content with user & account attributes.
Recommendation Engine
Use Candu's algorithms target the right experience to the right user.
Goals & Analytics
Dashboard & Reporting
Track how users engage with and progress through your content.
Goal Tracking
Understand the impact of your content on feature adoption.
Share Candu data with your analytics stack with turnkey integrations and webhooks.
Video Hosting
Embed video content from your favorite video hosting platforms within Candu.
Guides & Walkthroughs
Embed guides within Candu elements, such as buttons.
CRM & Marketing Automation
Import customer data to build user segments and tailor your content.
Bulk Import/Export
Import user data to build user segments and tailor your content.
End-to-End Encryption
Securely send and receive data. Every aspect of Candu is encrypted.
Audit Logs
Understand how changes to content and segments improve performance.
Multi-Factor Authentication
Set up strong authentication protocols.
Securely authenticate users
Custom Roles & Permissions
Set the right access level (view or edit) for each teammate.
Services & Support
Email support@candu.ai or call us for assistance.
Email & Phone
Email & Phone
Dedicated CSM
A customer success manager dedicated to your account.
Technical Account Manager
A technical resource dedicated to your account


Account & Billing

Can I try Candu before I buy?
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What are Content Blocks?
Do you have integration X?
Can I add more users to my plan?
How do I add Candu to my product?
Does Candu content display on mobile?
Which frameworks do you support?
What analytics do you track?

Data Security

Will my data be safe?

Service & Support

What is an SLA?
What SLAs do you support?
What happens if Candu goes down?
How do I contact your support team?
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