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All the key terms you need to know to understand Candu.
Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard


What are three benefits of a dashboard?

  1. Customization: A customer dashboard allows you to choose the data you need to meet your goals.
  2. All-in-one format: See data from multiple sources in a single place to save time and understand the big picture.
  3. Intuitive presentation: Customer dashboards are inherently simple, with smooth navigation that lets anyone analyze data.

What are the best practices for customer dashboard reporting?

First and foremost, know your audience to decide on the most relevant KPIs. Be sure to  choose the appropriate type of dashboard (see below), and stick to a simple layout that displays the most important data first.  Finally, select the right data visualizations, whether it’s bar graphs, pie charts, or scatterplots.

What are the three types of customer dashboards?

  1. A Strategic Dashboard focuses on long-term company goals to help executives monitor KPIs across an organization.
  2. An Analytical Dashboard reports on large volumes of data that are normally updated infrequently to analyze trends, predict outcomes, and extract insights.
  3. An Operational Dashboard monitors KPIs across a relatively short time frame to measure and analyze business processes and performance.