UserTesting increased customer engagement, achieving a 17% click-through rate on in-product banners

Anissa Alvarez
Associate Customer Marketing Manager

The Customer:

UserTesting (NYSE: USER) has fundamentally changed the way organizations get insights from customers with fast, opt-in feedback and experience capture technology. An Influitive-powered CommUnity site allows UserTesting’s Customer Marketing team to engage with customers. The hub allows users to join discussions, access training/enablement materials, keep up with news, and complete challenges. 

The Challenge:

After increasing CommUnity membership to 3,600+ members in 2021, UserTesting shifted its 2022 focus to improving engagement. But the team needed to figure out how to make discussion threads more accessible, which would prompt engagement and encourage users to return over time.

While email marketing might have been an effective way to highlight thread activity, it still didn’t solve the problem of bringing attention to discussions directly on the CommUnity page. The Customer Marketing team needed to highlight content within the hub to truly improve the user experience and promote engagement. 

The Solution:

To increase interaction with core sections of their community—such as discussions—UserTesting embedded new user interface (UI) components into the page. Using Candu, the team can build vital homepage content without CSS or professional services.

Since adding content to the homepage, discussion categories have seen a combined average of 4% click-through rates. Qualitative member feedback further validated this initiative as a valuable part of the community experience.

Anissa also launched several homepage announcement banners—driving members to complete specific challenges or participate in upcoming events. The newly implemented challenge banners had a 17% click-through rate.

Candu empowers Anissa to enhance their Influitive CommUnity content, enabling rapid experimentation and iteration without relying on professional services or custom CSS.


click-through rate for CommUnity banners
combined click-through rate for homepage content
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