Anna’s built CareerPlug’s frictionless getting started experiences

Anna Whitney
Product Owner

The Challenge:

CareerPlug, a renowned hiring software, had a clear vision for its key activation goal: increase the number of customers posting a job advertisement within a day of signing up. But their users had pop-up fatigue, which led to high dismissal rates. CareerPlug needed a friendlier, user-first experience.

The Solution:

The CareerPlug team wanted users to have an opt-in experience for “Getting Started” content. A more considerate, less disruptive user experience (UX) would give users the freedom to browse the home dashboard and other key areas of the product before they’d learn how to post their first job. Together, Candu and Pendo enabled a frictionless onboarding journey and activation path by serving the right content at the right time and place. 

Candu allowed CareerPlug to personalize by plan type—allowing a quick pivot from a one-size-fits-all approach to segmented welcome videos for Basic and Pro users. Candu empowered the CareerPlug team to update their messaging as well. The team strategically positioned themselves as “mentors” and “guides” throughout their welcome content. Users now receive more relevant and thoughtful information than ever, which helps drive activation and assists users in listing their first live job.


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