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onboarding flows
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Candu helps product & growth teams build product-led experiences, run A/B tests, and validate results, fast.

Drag & drop to create

Copy & paste to install

Point & click to embed

A/B test & iterate to grow

how it works

Embed on-brand UI & run A/B Tests

Streamline your workflows & decrease time-to-market.
Iterate based on data & decrease time-to-value.

why candu

Maximizing impact with a lean team: the ultimate product manager's toolkit

Iterate & Build

Build & iterate your UI without developer time

Enhance your product without relying on developers. Create engaging onboarding flows, eye-catching empty states, helpful checklists, user-friendly dashboards, and attention-grabbing modals in no time.

Different UI components in a particular brand style showing that Candu can be used to build and style components to match whichever brand and product the customer wants


Deliver personalized experiences

Connect with your users on a deeper level by using segmentation to deliver customized content.

Illustration showing different UI components being shown to different people to illustrate the concept of segmentation

A/B Test

Compare, optimize, and iterate

Fine-tune user experiences through Candu's A/B Testing, allowing you to iterate, measure, and tailor your product for optimal outcomes.

Illustration of A/B testing an inline onboarding checklist versus an onboarding checklist in a modal


Get data-driven insights

Get the insights you need to see how users behave and make smart decisions to keep them engaged.

Charts and graphs illustrating the content analytics capabilities of Candu


Candu works with your tech stack

Candu is designed to work with your current tech stack, ensuring a smooth integration process that won't disrupt your workflow.

Illusatration showing the logos for Javascript, Webhooks, Hubspot,, and Salesforce to show some of Candu's integration capabilities

Scale user growth more efficiently

With Candu’s no-code solutions, our customers are saving design, research, development, and analysis time while improving their customer onboarding and success.


Increase in
activation rates


Engagement rate on
in-app messaging


Increase in daily
active users

Product Adoption

Increase in research

Scaled Customer Success
1 in 2

Accounts saw higher
health scores

What our customers say

Candu gives your product superpowers

Photo of Claudia Pravettoni, Success Growth Lead at Gorgias and a Candu customer

It surprised me how easy such a powerful thing was. I’m inserting pieces of content into the product without engineers. Well, I want to change that wording? I can do that now. It enables us to move super quickly.

Claudia Pravettoni
Success Growth Lead

Candu helps us to draw attention to the content that matters most in our online customer CommUnity.

Anissa Alvarez
Associate Customer Marketing Manager

Candu has given our Growth team a new way to communicate with our users and empowered us to continually improve their in-app experience with experimentation and personalized content, without having to take up engineering time!

Caglar Ekim
Growth Specialist

best-in-class onboarding

To lead with your product, learn from the best


What Candu don’t-du

If you’re looking for these solutions, you might want to jump ship

A website builder

We can't help you improve your website. As much as we’d love to help you improve your UX, there are better no-code solutions for your homepage UI.

Candu is not a website builder, it allows users to embed UI into their already existing product or webapp

A product walkthrough tool

Need to help users navigate your product with walk-through guides or tours? Not us. But we integrate with this category of user onboarding tools to improve UX across the customer lifecycle.

Candu is not a product walkthrough tool, it allows users to embed UI into their already existing product or webapp

helps you build a better product & A/B test your ideas

We provide the quickest and easiest way for product & growth teams to launch growth experiments without coding.
We also offer A/B testing and analytics tools to track content performance and close that feedback loop!

Turn your good ideas into growth experiments

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