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Set up your welcome message in minutes to get users acquainted with your product. Lead them step by step to its important features, additional resources, and onboarding support. Shorten the time it takes for users to achieve value, reach their a-ha moment, and become premium customers. Done right, a great onboarding process will turn customers into advocates.


Personalize your user onboarding to suit each account, persona, and industry. Does this sound overwhelming? Well, it doesn’t have to be: with Candu’s drag and drop content builder, non-coders can create branded, highly functional user onboarding processes in minutes. From the way it looks to the way it works, a user onboarding process created in Candu might seem like a developer spent hours getting it done, but all it really took was your customer team’s insights and a little creativity.


See where users are dropping off during the user onboarding process in order to tweak your message to perfection. Candu lets you include interactive page elements backed up by native analytics and user Segmentation functions. These tools enable you to understand where the UX can be improved and then easily changed, using the Candu Editor. For every new product release, simply duplicate your user onboarding template for continued customer success.

use case

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