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Create a Feature Announcement in Minutes

Announcing new features has never been easier! Reduce your dependence on emails, pop-ups and other media that users often skip over. Use a Candu feature announcement template and customize it to emphasize the most relevant parts of your latest release. Encourage user success by inserting links to customer service and training resources, or embed explanatory images and videos right on the page. Use the Candu Styleguide to ensure that your branding is incorporated into every feature announcement screen.

Personalize Your Feature Announcements

Deliver the right features to the right folks. Personalize your messaging for users who have been requesting a particular feature, or target a limited number of users based on role to keep things relevant. It’s all made simple with Candu’s native segmentation functions that can be mapped to every feature announcement design. Set up Segments with just a few clicks, and Candu handles the rest.

Test and Improve Announcements

Track which messages your users respond to so you can improve future releases. Add, delete, move, and edit CTAs to understand more about user engagement. Anybody in your organization with access to Candu can edit the feature announcement template to make changes on the fly.

use case

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It’s so much easier to update our users on new releases, educate them on thought leadership, and drive product adoption.

Daniel Quick
VP of Learning Strategies

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