Create growth opportunities at every step of the funnel

Introducing modals & pop-ups, allowing you to show important information or calls-to-action that your customers simply can't miss.

Candu Modals

Encourage customers to upgrade, sign up for a trial, or refer a friend to your product

Candu is the easiest way to add modals to your product

Create on-brand modals using our drag & drop editor

The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize your modals' look and feel. Add images, videos, etc. - make it yours!

Convert trials to paid customers

Turn trial users into paying customers and boost your app's revenue - capture their attention at the right time with killer content.

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Boost adoption using in-app announcements

Get users hyped about your app's latest features with Candu's in-app announcements - they're like secret weapons for boosting engagement and adoption.

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Anywhere in your product

Put Candu's customization superpowers to work anywhere in your product and level up your user experience.

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Modals templates

Get started with modals today!

Try Candu's modals today with templates or book a demo to see how easy it is to create engaging experiences.

Multi-step sign-up form

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User feedback banner

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Event registration form

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How you Candu Modals

Ready to create modals that dazzle and delight your users?

Candu makes it easy with just two simple steps


Start from scratch or use a template to create a modal that fits your brand


Add modals to your product and target the right users at the right time with Candu's segmentation tools.

Boost User Engagement

Pop-ups are hard to ignore, so you can use them to grab users' attention and highlight the important stuff.
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