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Onboard users with a Loom video

Welcome new users with a Loom video and direct them to onboarding resources. An attractive welcome page helps users find tutorials, support, and more, quickly and easily. An intuitive welcome page that answers essential questions is also key to reducing in-person interaction and increasing customer satisfaction. With Candu’s drag and drop interface and wide menu of page elements, it’s simple to integrate videos from Loom and add all the necessary features to your welcome page. Embed the text, buttons, interactive CTAs, and images that will guide users to success.

Personalize welcome page

If you’re onboarding key accounts, use a customized welcome page to give them a personal greeting and let them know that they have access to premium features. Or customize your onboarding guides based on customer use cases. Use Candu’s segmentation functions to create a welcome page for specific users, along with the resources that are the most relevant to them.

Test resources in your welcome page

Candu comes complete with native analytics that track how well your welcome page is guiding new users or encouraging the adoption of new features. See which content users engage with, then modify the content to optimize their experience. Get your team in on the action by enabling them to change the welcome page too – all they need is a Candu account.

use case

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Streamlining in-product learning is a game-changer for companies looking to achieve high levels of product adoption and customer-success.

Oren Raboy
Co-founder, CTO

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