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Create Welcome Messages for Customers

With Candu’s welcome message template, you can rapidly tailor welcome messages for new users, and give every customer onboarding a personal touch. Candu’s Segment settings let you design a welcome message for specific customer groups so that you can emphasize the features that are of greatest interest to them. There’s no limit to the functionality of a welcome message built with Candu – just select from our array of page elements to add text, buttons, interactive CTAs, and images.

Customize Welcome Message Examples

Choose a Candu welcome message template and update its messaging and design for your users. Use Candu’s Styleguide to automatically update the look and feel of your welcome message to maintain your product’s branding. And if you’d like to experiment with your component to further engage users, add CTAs, videos, and links to ensure your new users are off to a great start.

Improve as You Learn

Use Candu’s native analytics to measure how your welcome message helps new users to adopt your product’s features. Then make updates to your message where needed. Collaborate with teammates to build an optimized welcome message. And even as your product matures, changing your welcome message to include new features is always Candu-simple.

use case

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You shouldn't have to ask your customers to leave your product to learn it. Providing education in-app is so much more effective.

Daniel Quick
Head of Customer Education

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