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Share Videos In-App

Nothing engages quite like video. That’s why Candu makes it easy to upload your content directly to any part of your product. Like all Candu components, building video explainers in-app is as simple as dragging, dropping, and embedding them in your app. You can create a video explainer from scratch, and Candu’s Styleguide will automatically match the component to your app’s branding, so it blends seamlessly into the user experience.

Personalize Your Video Messages

Not everyone requires the same video. Depending on where users are in their journey, show different content to different users at each stage of the lifecycle. With Candu’s built-in segmentation capabilities, it’s easy to define user groups so that the right video explainer is shown to the right user.

Improve Video Content

To help you maximize conversions, Candu offers the option to embed various CTAs on the video explainer page. With our native analytics, you can track which videos users respond to, and whether they prompted customers to take the desired actions. Anyone in your organization with a Candu account can contribute to optimizing your video explainers and improve the user experience--with just a few clicks, no coding necessary.

use case

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You shouldn't have to ask your customers to leave your product to learn it. Providing education in-app is so much more effective.

Daniel Quick
Head of Customer Education

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