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Design an Upgrade Plan in Minutes

Your engineering team has invested in building the right features; now, you can iterate on the pitch. Break free from the development cycle and create an upgrade plan directly for your users on the fly—no coding required. Enjoy one of our tried and true templates, or build an upgrade plan from the ground up using a variety of UI components that can be dragged and dropped into your new design.

Discover the Messages that Work

Once you’ve customized a software upgrade plan template, it’s time to start tinkering with your messaging. Test how different messages resonate with different audiences. Build behavioral user segments and check what compels your users to upgrade. Every change requires only your input and a few minutes of using Candu’s intuitive, drag and drop interface.

Get More Software Upgrades

You have ideas about how to get your conversion rates up, so let’s put them into action. Candu comes with analytics built-in so you can track every view and click of your upgrade plan. Test what messaging works, analyze the results, then iterate your designs to maximize your upgrade conversion. And to generate an even greater understanding of your users’ engagement, connect Candu to to visualize all of your users’ data in analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel.

use case

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You shouldn't have to ask your customers to leave your product to learn it. Providing education in-app is so much more effective.

Daniel Quick
Head of Customer Education

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