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Provide Details without Distraction

Letting users know about upcoming maintenance doesn’t need to be complicated! Provide a simple heads up at least a week in advance when users log in, and give them time to prepare. No need to involve dev in finding the best places to insert system maintenance notices – with Candu’s drag and drop interface, any non-technical teammate can get the job done. Plus, it’s easy to update maintenance announcements on the fly in case things change.

Customize Maintenance Announcements

Modernize your maintenance announcements to get users’ attention, and bring some delight to the mundane. Insert humorous text and images to make light of the situation, all with just a few clicks of your mouse. And, if users want more detail, include a CTA to direct users to a release note or customer support.

Iterate on Announcement Copy

Nobody likes to discover that an app will be down for technical maintenance - so make the most of an inconvenient situation by experimenting with different, light-hearted messaging. Try out varying explanations, visuals, and locations, and see how your users respond. With Candu’s built-in analytics, you can not only count the number of users who see your announcement, but also the number of users who engage and click on the page element.

use case

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